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KBA Guide
History of Korean Baduk

Modernization of
Baduk in Korea

World Dominance of
Korean Baduk

Survey of the Korean
Baduk Association (KBA)

Operations of the KBA
Operations of the KBA
The KBA is the officially sanctioned association for Baduk in Korea. It represents the Korean Baduk community internationally and promotes the game throughout Korea, raising the level and spreading the base as well as taking care of all the administrative needs of the Baduk community.

Organizing All Kinds of Baduk Events

The KBA arranges and runs promotional tournaments, sponsored amateur and professional events including TV tournaments, international friendly matches and so on.

International Baduk Interchange

The KBA organizes many educational tours as well as international tournaments and friendly matches.

Nurturing Talented Young Players

The KBA supports the Yeongusaeng (Intensive Study) system to encourage young players to become professionals and develop Baduk strength and culture by running very competitive leagues.

Encouraging Public Awareness and Activity

The KBA assesses gup and dan grades for amateur players, and arranges many teaching events involving professional players.

Leisure Events

Establishing events in a relaxed atmosphere for recreational players, to encourage Baduk in the community.

Facilitating subsidiaries

The KBA assists and co-operates with the Association of Baduk Schools and encourages the formation of such subsidiaries.

Providing Internet Services

The KBA provides lectures, game appreciation, live commentaries and so on through the internet.

Further Activities

The KBA runs the Baduk TV channel, and other projects are in development.
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