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KBA Guide
History of Korean Baduk

Modernization of
Baduk in Korea

World Dominance of
Korean Baduk

Survey of the Korean
Baduk Association (KBA)

Operations of the KBA
Survey of the Korean Baduk Association (KBA)
The Korean Baduk Association was formed as an institution in 1955, and reorganized into a foundation in 1970. The KBA is responsible for administering the Baduk-playing community, organizing all types of events, and in general promoting Baduk. The KBA headquarters are in Hong-ik-dong Sungdong-gu Seoul. The KBA has 231 professional players on their books (as of july 2008).


  • 5 September 1955 -Inaugural meeting, founding of the Hanguk Kiwon
  • 9 November 1962 - Registration of the KBA as a juridical corporation (Educational Ministry, institution No. 239)
  • 7 July 1967 - Journal'Baduk' first printed
  • 5 August 1968 - Opening of first headquarters at Jonglo
  • 25 March 1969 - Inauguration of first Chairman Lee Hu-rak
  • 25 March 1970 - Registration of KBA as a foundation (Cultural and Public Information Ministry, Registration No.179)

Hierarchy of the KBA

  • 29 September 1994 - Relocation of headquarters to Hong-ik-dong
  • April 2000 - Launch of World Cyber Kiwon (international site)

Chairmen and Presidents

     1 st   Lee Hu-rak (Appointed, 25 March 1969)
     2nd   Kim Wu-joong (Appointed, 15 September 1983)
     3rd  Kim Wu-joong (Reappointed, 16 April 1990)
     4th   Kim Wu-joong (Reappointed, 27 March 1996)
     5th   Han Hwa-Kab (Appointed, 2 February 2001)


     1st   Seo Jung-gui (Appointed, 2 April 1970)
     2nd   Choi Young-gwun (Appointed, 8 February 1974)
     3rd   Lee Sung-baum (Appointed, 8 Oct. 1975)
     4th   Choi Jae-hyung (Appointed, 18 March 1976)
     5th   Wang Yong-ju (Appointed, 18 March 1976)
     6th   Chung Su-bok (Appointed, 9 May. 1978)
     7th   Lee Sung-baum (Reappointed, 27 November 1980)
     8th   Lee Hong-sik(Appointed, 27 November 1980)
     9th   Seo Jung-Gak25 (Appointed December 1983)
     10th   Jang Jae-Sik (Appointed, 30 June 1988)
     11th   Jang Jae-Sik (Reappointed,21 April 1992)
     12th   Hyun Jae-Hyun (Appointed, 10 March 1993)
     13th   Hyun Jae-Hyun (Reappointed, 8 April 1997)
     14th   Hur Dong-Soo (Appointed, 28 February 2001)
     15th   Hur Dong-Soo (Reappointed, 25 March 2004)
     16th   Hur Dong-Soo (Reappointed, 29 May 2008)

KBA Reference Information

Headquarters at 315, Hongik-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (Tel: 02-3407-3800) was open on the 5th of October 1994. It house the administrative offices, the venues for many tournaments, a study suite for professionals, the office of the Women¡¯s Baduk Union, the office of Korea Amateur Baduk Association(KABA) and the Baduk TV Studio.
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