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Compare Baduk Terms

Underneath attachment

See attach.

Unilateral gote endgame

See gote.

Unilateral sente endgame

See sente.


No J, no C, K-̻(ڱ)

A state of stones that do not have a base or enough shape to make two eyes.

The Korean ̻ literally means not alive yet.

Upper attachment

See attach.

Urgent point (area)

J-kyuba (), C-jichang (?)K-

A point or an area which should be defended as soon as possible to avoid immense damage.

An urgent point is related to a situation while a vital point is usually related to a shape.

There is a proverb saying the urgent point takes priority over the big point.

Cf. vital point


J-henka (?), C-bianhua (?)K-ȭ

1. Sequences derived from a pattern.

2. Sequences that could have been played instead of the sequence actually played in a game.

Vital point

J-kyusho(), C-jisuo (), K-޼()

A point that is fatal to a group or a shape of stones.

missing image file Dia. 1 missing image file Dia. 2White 1 in Dia. 1 hits the vital point of the black group, while Black 1 in Dia. 2 hits the vital point of Whites shape.


J-kabe (), C-qiangbi (?), K-

Stones facing the center or along a side that are solidly connected and stand in a row.

It has no cutting point, keeps the opponent from invading, and also has a lot of influence on other stones.

missing image file Dia. 1

The Whites shape in Dia. 1 can be said a wall.

Way of Go

J-kido (ѤԳ), C-qidao (ѤԳ), K-⵵(ѤԳ)

The proper attitude one must have in playing Go.

Weak Group

No J, C-guqi (͵Ѥ), K-︶(ة)

A group in danger, having no adequate eye shape, and can easily be attacked.

The literal meaning of the Chinese guqi(͵Ѥ) is orphan stones and that of the Korean ︶(ة) is suffering horse.


J-warikomi (?), C-wa (?), K-

To put a stone directly between two opponents stones.

missing image file Dia. 1

The Japanese warikomi literally means to go in to divide, the Chinese wa(?) means to scoop out, and the Korean ١ means to insert.



The Chinese name for Go.

Wing Formation

J-, C-liangyi zhangkai (???), K-糯

A formation which extends to two adjacent sides from an occupied corner as shown in the diagrams below.

It is considered to have lots of potential to develop into a huge territorial framework.

missing image file Dia. 1 missing image file Dia. 2

Winning move

J-, C-shengzhao (), K- ()

A move that is evaluated as the cause of victory.

Win without counting

J-(chuoshi), C-zhongpan sheng (??)K-Ұ (ͪ)

A victory in which one player resigns before territorial counting begins.


J-tengen(), C-tianyuan ()K-õ ()

The star point on the center of the board, i.e. x in Dia. 1.

missing image file

Zhongguo Qiyuan


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