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  • Affiliation : Hanguk Kiwon
  • Name : Yun,Jun-sang
  • Dage of birth : November 20, 1987
  • Turned pro : 2001

  • He grew up studying Baduk at the Kwon,Kap-yong academy in Seoul.

Career Highlights (Korean- League)
In 2003, KBS Baduk-wang Cup first round. Ki-sung first round.
In 2004, LG Refined Oil Cup first rounn. Guk-su Cup first round. 1st round tournament 2004 Korea Baduk-legue.
In 2005, 1st round tournament 2005 Korea Baduk-legue.
In 2006, 1st round tournament 2006 Korea Baduk-legue. Won New Pro Strongest second place. Wang-wi Cup round of 16. ET-Land King of king round of 16.
In 2007, won Guk-su title. 1st round tournament 2007 Korea Baduk-legue. Won Wang-wi Cup second place. Won New Stars Best Ten.

Career Highlights (All International Events)
In 2002, LG Cup first round.
In 2005, 10th Sam-sung Cup round of 32.
In 2006, LG Cup round of 32. Sam-sung Cup round of 32.
In 2007, LG Cup first round.
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