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  • Affiliation : Hanguk Kiwon
  • Name : Seo,Bong-Soo
  • Date of birth : February 1, 1953
  • Turned pro : 1970

  • In 1980-82,93, 4th Korean best player award 4 times.
  • In 1994, set a record won 1000 times.

Career Highlights (Korean- League)
In 1971, woo Myung-in title.
In 1974, won Guk-gi title
In 1975, won Wang-wi title.
In 1976, won MYung-in title.
In 1980, won Guk-gi, Wang-wi, Chae-go-wi titles.

In 1983, won Baduk-wang, Jae-wang, Myung-in, Ki-wang titles.
In 1986, won Guk-gi title.
In 1987, won Myung-in, Jae-wang, Guk-su titles.
In 1986, became 4th Korean 9 Dan Pro.
In 1988, won Guk-gi, Ki-wang titles.

In 1991, won Dong-yang Cup champion.
In 1992, won 15th Guk-gi title. Korean best player award.
In 1995, won Sin-sa title.
In 1999, won 4th LG Refined Oil Cup champion, Pro-Sinier title.
In 2000, won 34th Wang-wi second place.

In 2003, won Pro-Sinier title.
In 2004, 1st round tournament 2004 Korean Baduk-league.
In 2005, 1st round tournament 2005 Korean Baduk-league.
In 2006 won ET-Land wangjungwang title.

Career Highlights(All International Events)
In 1993, won 2nd Ing Cup Championship, won 1st~5th SBS Cup award.
In 1997, 5th SBS Cup winning streak of 9 straight games.
In 2006, Sam-sung Cup Semi-final.
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