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  • Affiliation: Hanguk Kiwon
  • Name: Kim In
  • Date of birth: November 23, 1943 (age64)
  • Turned Pro: 1958

  • 5th-8th a chairman of Baduk players.
  • Now he is a managing director of Cyberoro.

Career Highlights (Korean- League)
He was a student at the legendary Minoru Kitani school in 1962
And left to Return home a year later.
In 1965, won 10th Guk-su tiltle.
In 1967, won 8th Chae-go-wi title.
In 1965-71, won 6th-12th Korea Pae-wang title for 7 consecutive times.

In 1968, won Wang-jwa,Chae-kang,Chung-so-nyun titles.
In 1969, won 2nd Myung-in and won 3rd Wang-wi second place titles.
In 1971-1972, won 12th-13th Chae-go-wi titles.
In 1974, won Wang-wi, 1st Back-nam and won Chae-go-wi second place titles.
In 1977, won Wang-wi second place, won Ki-Wang titles.

In 1983, promoted to 9 Dan Pro. Korean best a fighting spirit prize.
In 1986, won 4th Bacchus second place title.
In 2000, 1st round tournament 12th Ki-sung.
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