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  • Affiliation : Hanguk Kiwon
  • Name :Choi,Cheol-han
  • Date of birth :March 12, 1985
  • Turned pro : 1997

  • In 2004, advanced to 9 Dan.
  • In 2005, won Zhonghuan Cup champion.

Career Highlights (Korean- League)
In 1998, Guk-su first round.
In 2000, Bae-dal-wang, Guk-su, KBS Baduk-wang first round.
In 2002, won KT Cup second place.
In 2003, Ki-sung final player. Won Bacchus Cup title..
In 2004, won Guk-su title. Ki-sung title. Bacchus title. 1st round tournament 2004 Korea Baduk-league

In 2005, won Guk-su title. Ki-sung second title. ET-Land King of king second place.
In 2006, won Guk-su second place. Won Maxim Cup second place. KBS Baduk-wang second place. GS Catex Cup second place.
In 2007, 2006 Korea Baduk-League MVP award. Won Ki-sung second place.

Career Highlights (All International Events)
In 2000, won Nom-shim Cup Ring contest.
In 2001, won Nom-shim Cup Ring contest..
In 2003, Sam-sung Cup round of 16.
In 2004, LG Cup round of 16. Fujitsu Cup Quarter-final. Sam-sung Cup Quarter-final. Won Korea-China Chun-won Cup second place. Toyota Cup wolrd Oza Semi-final. Nong-shim Cup Ring Conterst player.
In 2005, won Ing Cup second place. Fujitsu Cup second place. Won Zhonghuan Cup champion.

In 2006, won Fujitsu third place. Toyota Cup world Oza round of 16.
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