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  • Affliation: Hanguk Kiwon
  • Name: Cho,Hun-Hyun
  • Date of birth: March 10,1953
  • Turned Por: 1962

  • Cho made history when he became the youngerst-ever professional BaDuk player in 1962, at the age of 9.
  • In 1980, became all champion king.(9 titles)
    In 1982, became all champion king.(10 titles)
    In 1986, became all champion king.(11 titles)
  • In 1978~83,89,94, Korean best player award 8 times.
  • In 1990, won Ing Cup, In 1994, Fujitsu Cup and In 1994, Tong-yang Cup champion.
    He is only the first player to record a "Grand Slam".
  • In 1995, set a recod won 1,000 times..
  • He won the Pae-wang title sixteen times in a row from 1977 to 1993, the world record in the successive defense of a Baduk title.

Career Highlights (Korean- League)
In 1963 went to Japan and becme a student of Segoe Kensaku, and returned to home in 1972. Promoted to 5 Dan Pro in Japan in 1972.
In 1974, won Chae-go-wi title.
In 1975, won Chae-kang-ja, Baek-nam, Guk-su, Chae-go-wi titles.
In 1976, won Chae-kang-ja, Wang-jwa, Guk-su, Guk-ki, Chae-go-wi titles.
In 1977, won Chae-Kang-ja, Wang-jwa, Wang-wi, Guk-su, Guk-ki, Chae-go-wi titles.

In 1978, won Chae-Kang-ja, Wang-wi, Guk-su, Guk-ki, Chae-go-wi, Pae-wang titles.
In 1979, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Guk-ki, Myun-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi titles.
In 1980, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Ki-wang, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi titles.
In 1981, won Guk-su, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Myung-in, Pae-wang, KBS Baduk-Wang titles.
In 1982, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, KBS, Jae-wang titles. promoted to 9 Dan Pro(first in Korea) at the age of 29 in 1982.

In 1983, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang titles.
In 1984, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Guk-ki, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang, Chun-won, KBS Baduk-wang, Jae-wang titles.
In 1985, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Pae-wang, Myung-in, Chae-go-wi, Jae-wang, Dae-wang titles.
In 1986, won Wang-wi, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang, Chun-won, Jae-wang, KBS Baduk-wang titles.
In 1987, won Want-wi, Ki-wang, Guk-ki, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang, KBS Baduk-wang titles.

In 1988, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Ki-wang, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Chun-won, Jae-wang titles.
In 1989, won Wang-wi, Guk-su, Myung-in, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang, Ki-sung, Chun-won, Jae-wang, KBS baduk-wang titles. Korean Order of Culture Merit(Eun-Gwan) award. .
In 1990, won Wang-wi, Ki-wang, Myung-in, Pae-wang, BC-Card, Chun-won, KBS Baduk-wang titles.
In 1991, won Guk-su, Ki-wang, Pae-wang, Ki-sung titles.
In 1992, won Guk-su, Ki-wang, Pae-wang titles.

In 1993, won Ki-wang, Pae-wang, Chae-go-wi, Dae-wang, Jae-wang titles.
In 1994, won Jae-wang title.
In 1995, won Chun-won title.
In 1996, won Ki-wang, Pae-wang, BC-Card titles.
In 1997, won Pae-wang title.

In 1998, won Guk-su, Pae-wang titles.
In 1999, won Baduk-wang title.
In 2000, won Fujitu, Asian TV, Pae-wang titles. won Myung-in second place.
In 2001, won Fujitu, Sam-sung, Asian TV, Guk-su titles.
In 2002, won KT, Bacchus, second place Chun-won titles. Korean best player award.

In 2003, KT Quarter-final. won Wang-wi second place, Ki-sung second place, challenge to Myung-in titles.
In 2004, KBS Baduk-wang Semi-final. Bacchus Semi-final. 1st round tournament Korea Baduk-league.
In 2005, 1st round tournament 2005 Korea Baduk-league.
In 2006, 1st round tournament 2006 Korea Baduk-league, ET-land Semi-final.
In 2007, 1st round tournamnet 2007 Korea Baduk-league.

Career Highlights (All International Events)
In 1989, won 1st Ing Cup champion.
In 1994, won 7th Fujitsu, 5th Tong-yang Cup champion..
In 1995, won Fujitsu second place.
In 1997, won 8th Tong-yang Cup champion.
In 1999, won 1st Chunlan Cup champion.

In 2000, won Fujitsu, 12th Asian TV Cup champion.
In 2001, won 14th Fujitsu, 6th Sam-sung, 13th Asian TV Cup champion.
In 2002, won 14th Asian TV second place, won Sam-sung Cup champion, Korean team won Nong-sim Cup.
In 2003, round of sixteen fujitsu, Asian Baduk CSK Cup player.round of sixteen LG, Sang-sung Cup Quarter-final, round of sixteen Chunlan Cup.
In 2004, round of twenty-four LG, round of sixteen Sam-sung, round of thirty-two Toyota Cup World Oza.

In 2005, Sam-sung Cup Quarter-final .
In 2007 1st round tournament LG Cup.
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